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    Mon Nov 2nd, 2020

    Looking back on October 2020

    Anyone else feeling fully autumnal!? The leaves are starting to turn and the jumpers have come out of storages and the coffee is starting to change flavor. I'm looking at you PSL. International Coffee Day Whether you favor espresso, americanos, lattes, or...
    Sat Oct 10th, 2020

    Looking back on September 2020

    We are heading into the back end of the year now and the colours are starting to change. Whether you are in the southern hemisphere and the natural world is starting to come back to life. Or whether you are...
    Fri Sep 11th, 2020

    Looking back on August 2020

    I don't know about you but I am looking forward to the coming change in the seasons. Sweater weather is upon us in the northern hemisphere and the jumpers will start coming out of storage. But here is a look...
    Wed Aug 5th, 2020

    Looking Back on July 2020

    So we are now half way through the year and there have been some great celebrations going on! What has been your favorite to celebrate? There is still a lot to celebrate and here is a look at what my...
    Sat Jul 4th, 2020

    Looking back on June 2020

    Half way through the year and so much has already been celebrated! But never fear there is still more to come! In the northern hemisphere we are heading into summer and the days are getting warmer and longer, which can...
    Sat Jun 6th, 2020

    Looking back on May 2020

    Wow! Hands up, who else thinks that this year is going really quick? I have managed to get a few bits done around the house but I have mostly been out in the garden. Hamburger Month You really can't go wrong...