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    Why give flowers only on Valentine’s Day? Flowers have always been known to be a popular way of showing appreciation, expressing love, remembering a loved one, or apologizing to someone you treasure dearly.

    Bring Flowers to Someone Day is just another excuse to give some you love and treasure flowers. Bring Flowers to Someone Day explores the history of giving flowers, what flowers mean, and encourages people to buy a bouquet for any reason. 

    History of Bring Flowers to Someone Day

    Flowers have always had meaning, but what started it? In Ancient Greece, Rome and China, giving someone flowers was a way to communicate the floriography of flowers, also known as the language of flowers.

    During these times, flowers helped communicate the stories of the gods, which detailed significant meaning and importance. This didn’t entirely exist throughout the middle ages, as it took until the mid-1700s for the French and English to discover how flowers were used as a language of communication, specifically in the country of Turkey.

    The Victorian Era then brought the language of flowers to the forefront, expanding on the detail, color, shape, and position in relation to other flowers. Numerous books were made to present the meanings of flowers, but because they were written by numerous authors, the meaning was usually up to interpretation. 

    Bring Flowers to Someone Day nevertheless is about giving someone flowers for any reason. Whether it’s to kindle an old spark, apologize for something you did, or celebrate a life event such as a graduation or anniversary, giving flowers can be a great way to express emotion and send messages to the people you care about.

    Flowers all have their own significant meaning and depending on the one you choose, you can convey anything you want to. On this day, people take the time to purchase flowers at a local flower shop or send flower bouquets by purchasing them online. 

    How to Celebrate Bring Flowers to Someone Day

    Research the meaning of your most favorite flowers. Look up what their color represents, what kind of flower they are, and the history of that flower throughout time. If you’re interested in the language of flowers, purchase a Victorian floriography book to learn more about it.

    If you have someone in mind, send them their very own bouquet to express your appreciation for them. If you have no one in mind, purchase a bouquet for yourself to bring liveliness back into your home and do some self-care. You can also share this holiday on social media and let people know that this day is the perfect excuse to send someone flowers!

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