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    In the underworld, reality itself has elastic properties and is capable of being stretched into different definitions of the truth.

    Roderick Vincent, The Cause

    So, you think your computer is the best thing you own? Then why not take the time to protect it? It all starts with cleaning out the cobwebs and adding in Anti-Virus software to ensure your device has at least minimal protection.

    It doesn’t end there though, check the settings on your firewall to make sure you’re safe and ensure your network has a password on it. This can be a daunting proposition for those who aren’t tech savvy, but Cyber Security Awareness Month is your opportunity to learn a little more about how to keep your net travel safe.a

    History of Cyber Security Awareness Month

    Staring in October in 2004 the world began to notice that Cyber Security although an issue already, so Cyber Security Awareness Month was established to help raise awareness about this issue that’s become a critical part of our lives.

    Every day thousands of people have their networks compromised and their security stolen because they don’t know how to secure their web-equipped devices correctly, so the National Cyber Security Association (the NCSA) has taken steps to raise awareness of this issue.

    Every year the NCSA continues to monitor the risks to America’s cybersecurity, paying attention to everything from the largest government office to the individual home user. Everyone who’s on the web needs to understand how to make their experience there safe and enjoyable. From pamphlets and websites to seminars and programming, the NCSA helps to drive understanding and awareness during Cyber Security Month.

    How to Celebrate Cyber Security Awareness Month

    Start off Cyber Security Awareness Month by opening up your computer and running your antivirus program on a deep scan. Don’t have one or don’t know how to do that? It’s time to go off to the internet and research the topic. We know it may seem exceedingly confusing and difficult, but if you take the time to learn about cybersecurity, you’ll be ensuring you have a safe experience throughout the years to come.

    Throughout the month take time to look at all your devices and run scans on them to ensure that they’re secure and free from viruses. Change the password on your Network just to be certain, and update the security software on all of your devices. Every day the internet becomes more dangerous for those who don’t secure their devices. Cyber Security Awareness Month is your opportunity to remove yourself from that list.

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