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    If you are looking for more ways to celebrate your furry little friend, then Hamster Day is it! We all know hamsters for being able to fit a three-course meal and more in the fluffy little cheek pouches, but did you know there was a whole day dedicated to them? Well, now, you do! Although you can celebrate your fluffy buddy any time of the year, maybe for Hamster Day, you can get them an extra carrot and a mini hat? 

    Learn about Hamster Day

    Hamsters were always domesticated. In fact, there are 24 different species of hamsters, and they come in a range of sizes too. Can you imagine a hamster 34 centimeters long? Well, those are some of the biggest. The most common pet hamster is the Syrian hamster. These are short, stumpy, and extra cuddly – in fact, they are often referred to as teddy bear-like. 

    Hamster fun fact: “Hamster,” from the German word “hamstern,” means “hoard,” which is exactly what our lovely little rodent friends do. 

    History of Hamster Day

    The most popular type of household hamster is a Syrian hamster. Although they are knowns to live in various parts of the world like Chine, Belgium, and Greece, the first hamsters came from Syria. 

    The domestication of the hamsters began after Isreal Aharoni went on an exciting expedition to look for Syrian hamsters in a cornfield. The date was April 12th, 1930. This means we have had many decades of celebrating Hamster Day. 

    Hamster fun fact: A hamster’s cheek pouches are called displostomes, and they are simply for storage. 

    How to celebrate Hamster Day

    Now you know all about hamster day, you might be wondering how is best to celebrate it? 

    Hamster Salad

    Create a delicious salad treat for your hamster friend (or yourself):

    • Sunflower seeds
    • Apple slices
    • Cabbage
    • Celery
    • Lettuce
    • Tomato
    • Cucumber
    • Crackers

    Remember to make sure everything is cut up nice and small so that your hamster friend can enjoy the hamster salad properly. Place everything in a bowl. Try to layer different vegetables and fruits up, so there are different textures for your hammy to find. 

    Up the ante on the enrichments by adding new fun toys to their enclosure. Hamsters love to play and get excited about seeing new things in their environment. Splash out on a natural hamster toy to celebrate hamster day with them in style. 

    Have a whole photoshoot with your little hamster buddy. If you have a camera then grab a macro lens and start taking some close up photos of your furry buddy. It is important that you don’t use the flash, and you might have to set the alarm and be ready to take photos while your nocturnal friend is awake in the early hours. 

    Watch a movie with your hamster! Bolt is a great film that has a hamster in a ball as one of the lead characters. Watching this inspiring duo fight crime and be best friends is a great way to spend hamster day with your little hammy. 

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