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    Questions are one of the most essential ways people learn and communicate with one another. In many cases, however, people rarely do ask questions or know how to ask them.

    International Ask a Question Day aims to change the way people view questions, teach others how to ask questions and inquire about the world around them so they can do find joy, fascination, and curiosity in everyday life.

    History of International Ask a Question Day

    International Ask a Question Day takes place on Albert Einstein’s birthday, and as part of what he stood for, this holiday focuses on the importance of curiosity, asking questions, and inspiring learning for future generations.

    Diving into the life of one of the most influential scientists, Einstien developed the special and general theories of relativity. His theory of relativity, along with his equation, E=MC2, helped shift physicists understanding of space.

    His work in the field of physics ultimately predicted the atomic bomb, and his understanding of light, one which light is both a wave and a stream of particles, helped shape modern quantum mechanics. For his work, he earned the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1921 and became the most well-known and inspiring scientists of the 20th century.

    Looking at his work as well as the works of many successful social reformers, educators, and influencers of the past decade, International Ask a Question Day encourages those young and old to learn what questions to ask, how to ask them and continue bringing their sense of curiosity to life.

    Asking questions can help gather information, build relationships, help build awareness, aid in thinking clearly, solve problems, challenge assumptions, set goals, and much more. Asking questions can make all the difference when making decisions in life and can become monumental in a person’s growth throughout their life.

    So, take the time to ask questions, learn, and become something amazing on this day.

    How to celebrate International Ask a Question Day

    Celebrate this day by beginning to ask questions. Don’t know where to start? Look to motivational shows such as TED talks and educational organizations to see about getting tips on asking questions well.

    If you’re at school, ask your teachers or professors where to start, and if not look to someone you look up to and begin asking them questions about their life, their stories, and what they’ve learned from life.

    Share this holiday on social media using the hashtag #internationalaskaquestionday and let your friends and family know the importance of asking questions throughout everyday life.

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