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    Let’s face it, when you’re in a home after Thanksgiving the kitchen is all too often ‘No Plates, No Tables, No Service’. That’s why I always eat over the sink on Black Friday, why make more work?

    It’s the day after Thanksgiving and the kitchen is an absolute wreck, covered from end to end with dinner and dining leftovers, and there isn’t a clean spot to prepare a meal.

    What does all this mean? It’s time to eat over the sink, obviously! That’s how the concept of a sinkie was born, people who dine over the kitchen sink to save themselves the stress of cleaning.

    History of Sinkie Day

    founded in 1991, the IAPWDOTKS, or International Association of People Who Dine Over The Kitchen Sink, established Sinkie Day. What’s a Sinkie? One who occasionally dines over the kitchen sink, which we’re pretty sure includes most of the human population.

    Now, it’s worth mentioning that the scope of being a Sinkie goes far beyond just eating over the sink, it includes those habits involved with getting a quick bite to eat.

    If you eat off the dashboard of your car, drink milk straight from the carton, or eat straight out of the refrigerator (typically while putting the uneaten portion back) you’re a Sinkie.

    Being a Sinkie isn’t about being lazy, it’s about enjoying the finer things in a way that doesn’t require the formality of a well-set table. Instead, you can grab that donut on the run, eat the hamburger off the dash of your car, or even grab your favorite snack and soda from the vending machine, it’s all OK for a Sinkie!

    This, incidentally, is why Thanksgiving is a favored Sinkie holiday! You just grab a roll, slap some potatoes on it, dip the cold turkey in gravy, and put it in the roll! You can eat this over the sink or just head out on the run, convenience eating at its finest!

    How to celebrate Sinkie Day

    Celebrating Sinkie Day essentially involves letting your culinary hair down. Don’t stress over the formalities when you want to dine, a bite in time saves nine!

    If you’re one of those who usually eat’s at the dinner table, or takes the time to make a ‘proper’ meal and goes hungry until you do? Sinkie Day is your day off, just grab what you want to eat and munch away, no one is going to judge you!

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