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    Math is known as one of the hardest subjects to achieve because of its strictness in needing correct answers, its abstract concepts, and the overall stress involved in succeeding.

    For those who struggle with math, World Maths Day is a chance to take your skills to the test, practice your math skills, and get involved in a worldwide event that celebrates the history of math and improve the lives of students, parents, and teachers everywhere.

    History of World Maths Day

    Founded by 3P Learning, World Maths Day gives people the chance to take part in the world’s largest online math competition using 3P Learning’s Mathletics engine.

    According to 3P Learning, Mathletics is used by 4 million students worldwide to better improve their math and become the best students out there in the global market.

    Each year, 3P Learning offers their international competition as part of their initiative to improve the lives of students and teachers in schools everywhere by beginning with math.

    Classes in schools everywhere have in-class competitions and free access to Mathletics, allowing students to improve their speed and accuracy in their arithmetic and numeracy skills.

    First held in 2007, World Maths Day, or World Math Day in American English, allows teachers to download online resources so their math classes can be fun and constructive at the same time.

    It has participants in over 98 countries, over 38,000 math questions, and has annually over 5 million participating students. As of current, the competition is open to schools in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa to students ages 4 to 16.

    Schools wishing to participate can purchase a subscription on their website and gain access to Mathletics.  The holiday is now associated with World Education Games, a global event for all schools wishing to improve their student’s education in all subjects.

    How to celebrate World Maths Day

    Celebrate this holiday by encouraging your teachers and school supervisors to look into the Mathletics program. If you’re a parent, sign up for 3P Learning’s home subscription to encourage your child’s growth at home.

    If you can’t afford the subscription, take some time to practice math with your child at home. 30 minutes each day can greatly improve their ability to do the math, as math is a cumulative process that builds on basics.

    Share this holiday on social media using the hashtag #WorldMathsDay to get your child involved in the global competition and share the importance of math with your friends and family.

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