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    Get two things straight right away – rats aren’t dirty, and James Cagney never said it anyway! These are just two of the myths and misconceptions that World Rat Day hopes to dispel as it celebrates the joys of fancy rats.

    Anyone who keeps rats as pets or companions is already in on the secret: these animals are friendly, loyal, intelligent, and very endearing. Unfortunately they’ve had a bit of bad press over the years, what with the Black Death, Bubonic Plague and a thousand Pacific islands which have had their native wildlife chewed down to ground level and beyond. But what’s a few environmental and social catastrophes between friends?

    Once you get to know rats on a one-to-one basis, then all of their finer qualities will come to the fore. Why not drop in to your local World Rat Day event and discover just how adorably lovable they really are?

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    Every April 4th

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    6 days ago

    I have 5 rats ??

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