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    World Refrigeration Day will serve as a means of raising awareness and understanding of the significant role that the industry and its technology play in modern life and society.

    The term ‘refrigeration’ here is being used in its widest sense as the process of achieving and maintaining a required temperature below that of its surroundings. An example of refrigeration is the preservation and distribution of perishable food products. Refrigeration systems are also used extensively for providing thermal comfort to human beings by means of air-conditioning. Similarly, heat-pumps are devices that take heat from one source and move it to another location.

    World Refrigeration Day has been established by agreement between Industry trade associations and professional membership bodies from around the world.

    In 2019 the UN Environment’ OzonAction Programme announced they would be partnering with World Refrigeration Day to promote awareness of the importance of refrigeration.

    World Refrigeration Day was founded by Stephen Gill, a past President of the Institute of Refrigeration

    Key Info

    Every June 26th
    Founded in
    June 26th 2017
    Founded by
    Stephen Gill

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